February 25, 2024

2 Abu Sayyaf bandits nabbed in Sulu raid

By Justine Rich Talusan

JOINT operatives on Thursday arrested two wanted Abu Sayyaf members and seized high-powered weapons and ammunition in a raid in Panamao, Sulu.

Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group director Brig. Gen. Ronald S. Lee

identified the arrested suspects  as Musarram Muharram Amil alias “Musaram Muharram” and Aljabir Musaram alias “Aljabi Amil.”

Still being hunted were six other targets of the raid identified as Warkin Ukoh Adu alias “Otoh Kin,” Bakri Ukoh Aduh alias “Bak”, Osminya Ukoh Adu, Garcia Ukoh Adu alias “Gar Alnadzmer,” Ukoh Aduh alias “Al Nadzmer,” and Jessmer Okoh Adu.

Members of the CIDG Basulta Field Unit, joined by officers form local PNP units raided the suspects’ residence in Bgy. Tayungan in Panamao municipality 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

Seized during the operation were one M-16 automatic rifle with two magazines containing 35 live ammunition; two black bandoliers; one cal. 30 Garand rifle with two magazine clips and 14 live cal. .30 bullets.

Also recovered during the search were the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team or BPAT identification card of  the two arrested suspects.

Lee said that the suspects were identified as members of the ASG headed by the late Commander Junior Dragon alias “Jing Dragon.”’

The group gained notoriety for their involvement in  kidnap-for-ransom and other atrocities,  including attacks on security troops and innocent civilians in Basilan and later in Sulu.

All suspects are facing charges for violation of Republic Act 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulations Act of 2013 and RA 9516 or illegal possession of explosives.