May 19, 2024

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2 CL cops using mobile phone while on duty sacked

By Justine Rich Talusan

POLICE Regional Office 3 director Brig. Gen. Jose Hidalgo Jr.  has ordered the relief from posts of two policemen he caught using cellphone while on duty in a patrol ar.

 Hidalgo was  passing by an area in Angeles City in Pampanga when he saw a patrol car from afar.

The official approached the mobile crew to personally laud them but noticed  the two cops in the patrol car were busy attending to their cellphone and were not aware of his presence.

Hidalgo immediately ordered the relief of the two policemen as he reminded all police personnel to focus on their job while on duty and refrain from sleeping or  using their cellular phones while on post or else they will be immediately relieved and transferred outside of their current assignment.

The two policemen were transferred to other police units.

The Central Luzon top cop said he would relieve police community precinct commanders and police chiefs if for five times their personnel will be caught violating the directive and they fail to impose discipline to their subordinates.

“When policemen are not following orders from their superiors, it means that they cannot soundly manage or supervise their subordinates. That’s why I will relieve and replace them with officials who can discipline them,” Hidalgo said.

“May this serve as a warning to all our PNP personnel to stay focus on your assigned tasks, scan the environment and be security conscious and alert whenever in the field because being unattentive with your operational environment and the surroundings might pose risk or threats on your part and  may even cost your lives,” he added.