June 17, 2024

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21 local rock bands join Woodstock local edition

By Crema Limpin

BINANGONAN, Rizal – Heeding the calls from the local government, some 21 homegrown rock bands hinted at making a historic collaboration that would see a local version of the internationally acclaimed Woodstock Music Festival which took place 53 years ago.

In a statement, municipal administrator Russel Callanta Ynares said that all 21 rock bands have confirmed taking part in the activity which forms part of the annual town feast.

Among the local bands who are set to rock the town on Saturday include Join the Club, Android 18, Soapdish Logo, New Direction, Team Horror, Milo & Friends, Taraxia, Swap Band, Stone Mary, Gridn Before Midnight, Night Rock, Sutil Band, Greyscale Valley, Misdreavus, Deam Sausage, Pentagon, Annv and Another Stride.

In anticipation of the huge crowd, the local government also announced a traffic rerouting scheme. Starting 12 midnight of October 22 (until October 23), the national road encompassing Barangay Calumpang would be closed, said Ynares, who made a parallel call to the motorists to take the Manila East Road instead.

“We have already deployed traffic enforcers for the motorists, the local police for peace and order and local force multipliers as marshals,” he added.

Relatedly, Ynares cited the support of the private sector in their earnest effort to promote local artists. Among those which he made a special mention include Skin Magical, Speaks G, Cloudface International, KASSI & KYDN, Tea Talk and Coffee Period

“Binangonan’s attempt to replicate the historic Woodstock would not have been made possible if not for our friends from the private sector,” he further averred.