June 19, 2024

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25 Surigao del Norte local leaders express support for Romualdez 

A TOTAL of 25 Surigao del Norte local government executives signed a manifesto of support for Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez amidst the baseless allegations being hurled against him by some senators in connection with efforts to amend the restrictive economic provisions of the Constitution.

Surigao del Norte Rep. Francisco “Bingo” Matugas and Atty. Francisco Matugas, a former governor and former congressman of the 1st District of Surigao del Norte, led the local executives in signing the expression of support for the Speaker.

“We, the Local Chief Executives and leaders of Surigao del Norte express our wholehearted and unwavering support for the leadership of Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez amidst the issues being raised against him in the context of the People’s Initiative to amend the 1987 Constitution,” the leaders said in the manifesto.

“Speaker Martin’s vision of a prosperous Philippines by shepherding measures that, in his own words, are ‘calculated to alleviate poverty, trigger economic progress and harness competencies in government for the delivery of the highest degree of service,’ has greatly benefitted Surigaonons,” they added.

A total of seven board members, 10 mayors and six councilors signed the manifesto.

“Speaker Martin has assisted in funding social services for our constituents such as medical, cash, burial and educational assistance. He has also ensured the budget for major infrastructure projects in Siargao Island that are sure to catapult it into one of the prime tourist destinations in the world,” they said.

“We now express the same kind of support he has provided for the people of Surigao, especially Siargao. More importantly, Surigaonons share Speaker Martin’s vision for development by opening up the economy to foreign investment, removing existing economic restrictions, and improving healthcare and education,” they continued.

Joining Rep. Bingo Matugas are the following seven Board Members of Surigao del Norte: Julecs C. Sunico, Constantini B. Navarro IV, Allan A. Turtur, Kent L. Yuipco, Nathaniel A Plaza, Juan Fernando Larong, and Elvira Egay.

A total of 10 mayors also signed the manifesto, and they are: Mayor Wallace Senaca of Malimono, Mayor Elvira Matugas of Gen. Luna, Mayor Arwela Dolar of Sta. Monica, Mayor Angie Arcena of Burgos, Mayor Elizabeth Matugas of Dapa, Mayor Alfredo Coro Jr. of Del Carmen, Mayor Maria Liza Resurreccion of Pilar, Mayor Ma. Gina Menil of San Benito, Mayor Lamberto Domiños Jr. of San Isidro, and Mayor Riza Rafonselle Timcang of Soccoro.

Also, the following six councilors in Surigao City signed the manifesto: Jose Expeditus “Jex” Bayana, Joel Echin Tinio, Cacel R. Azarcon, Sebastian Ric Nagas, Joshua Emilio Geli, and Joseph Joey Yuipco.

“We understand that some of these changes may be effected through amendments of the Constitution and we commit to ensure that our constituents’ voices are heard on this matter and that we will abide by the same,” the manifesto said.

“In the end, we are one with Speaker Martin in striving for a bright and prosperous future for all Filipinos, especially our fellow Surigaonons. We extend our full support to Speaker Martin, all branches of government and all relevant sectors towards achieving these goals,” they added.

“We hope that all involved stop the bickering, cease personal attacks on the good Speaker and instead, unite in accomplishing the task of nation-building. Padajon sa progreso!”