February 24, 2024

3 Chinese nationals nabbed for kidnapping in Binan City

By Cyrill Quilo

Camp BGen Paciano Rizal – THREE Chinese nationals were immediately arrested for kidnapping, extortion, grave coercion, and possession of firearms in a hot pursuit conducted in Binan City, Laguna today, November 3.

Laguna police director Col. Harold Depositar identified the suspects as alias Tan , alias Yang and alias Yang.

According to the report of PLtCol Jonathan Robert Rongavilla , Chief of Police, Binan Component City Police Station (CCPS), they received a phone call from a concerned citizen regarding an incident of kidnapping.

Accordingly, the victim alias Shoroming was kidnapped by the suspects in Pasay City on October 30, 2023, and held captive in a rented apartment at a Subdivision at Brgy. Tubigan, Biñan City, Laguna. The suspects also demanded the victim to negotiate a ransom amounting to PhP1,000,000.00 and a BMW vehicle. Fortunately, the victim managed to escape and seek help from the residents in the subdivision who called Binan CPS for assistance.

Acting upon the report, Binan CCPS conducted a hot pursuit operation that resulted in the immediate arrest of the two suspects Tan and Yang, and the recovery of one (1) caliber 22 revolver loaded of five (5) ammunition and 35 pieces of caliber 45 ammunition.

Subsequently, alias Hui was arrested in the follow-up operation in the same subdivision.

The suspects are now in the custody of Binan CCPS, with charges being prepared for kidnapping, extortion, grave coercion, and violation of RA 10591 (firearm possession). These charges will be referred to the City Prosecutor’s Office.

PCol Depositar said, “The successful arrest of the suspects involved underscores our unwavering commitment to the safety and security of our community. We applaud the swift action of Binan Police and the vigilant citizens who aided in this endeavor. Justice will be served, and we remain resolute in our dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of our residents regardless of nationality. Together, we continue to make Laguna a safer place for all.”