February 29, 2024

Mabalacat’s Garbo-Aquino tandem widens survey lead 

By Justine Rich Talusan

INCUMBENT Mabalacat City Mayor Crisostomo Garbo, Vice Mayor Gerald Aquino, and Team MCG slate solidified a huge lead over opponents for local positions in the city of Pampanga.

With five weeks left before the May 9 polls, Team MCG continues to be the top choice of Mabalaqueños for top positions based on a public opinion survey conducted from February 23 to 25.

The survey was conducted by the PROBE Data Processing and Research Services, the  same polling firm that also projected Team MCG victory in 2019.

For the mayoralty race, Garbo is still the most preferred candidate, with a  whopping 75.5% of the overall responses. Far second at 19% is former Mayor Marino Morales while Diosdado Pangilinan is at 3.5%, with the  undecided respondents  at 2%.

Based on the survey, the incumbent city mayor is also the top choice of population Class ABC (80%), D (77.8%), and E (64.3%).

Garbo also secured his lead for the 18-29 age group (76.9%), 30-49 age group (77.9%), and 50 above (70.7%).

For the vice mayoralty race, Aquino continues to enjoy his lead at 71%.

The incumbent vice mayor remains the top vice mayor bet of population Class ABC (60%), D (75%), and E (73.8%). He also cemented his place as the most preferred vice mayor of the 18-29 age group (80%), 30-49 age group (64.9%), and 50 and above (69%).

Aquino’s nearest competitor, Christian Halili, only got 28% of the total number of responses.

The survey was commissioned by one of the country’s top corporations and  considered the most credible non-partisan survey that is complete, with methodologies, demographics, and other necessary research and polling elements.

The Team MCG Council slate also dominated the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) candidates.

Leading them is Jun Castro (73%), Cherry Manalo (47.5%), Noel Castro (43%), Marjorie Sambo (38%), Jerry Magsino (35.5%), Liza Pineda (32.5%), Timothy Dee (31.5%), Carl Dizon (21.5%), Doc Cocoy Tiglao (21.5%), and Rox Peña (17.5%).

Meanwhile, outgoing councilor Win-Win Garbo (43.5%) and Benjamin Jocson (25.5%) remain the top choices for the provincial Board member seats, receiving the majority of voting preferences of respondents from Angeles City, Mabalacat City, and the town of Magalang.

Mayor Garbo said the overwhelming results of the survey manifested Mabalaqueños’ will to continue the vision of the current administration anchored in his “Bayung Mabalacat” battlecry.

With a fresh mandate in the offing, the city mayor vowed to continue all MCG programs, especially in areas of infrastructure, medical, health, social service, and livelihood, for which his administration is aptly known for. 

In March 2022, Argus Polls Inc. Mayor Garbo posted a 63% lead over his competitors. Moreover, an independent survey conducted on more than 5,000 residents from December 9 to 21 also favored Garbo and Aquino accruing 74.97% and 64.17%, respectively. 

The recent survey was conducted among 200 respondents aged 18 years old and above through face-to-face, and door-to-door interviews using a structured questionnaire via Tablet Assisted Personal Interview (TAPI). The survey has a +/- 6.93% margin of error and a 95% confidence level.