June 19, 2024

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Aklanon Journos hold mass for slain Broadcaster

By Crema Limpin

A MEMORIAL Mass for the soul and justice of the late broadcaster Percy Lapid Mabasa is set to be held at the Kalibo Cathedral on Nov.6, 2022 , at 7 AM. 

Spearheading the memorial tribute are the Aklan Press Club, Inc., Kalibo Lions Club International, Boracay Global Press Corps Inc., Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc,.(PAPI) and other relevant organizations, including youth and student  groups.

Mabasa, a multi-awarded media man was shot to death by suspected hired killers recently in Las Pinas, Metro Manila.

His Excellency, Kalibo Bishop Jose Corazon Talaoc, together with Rev. Fr. Jubert Villasis, is officiating the event.

The event will be attended by media practitioners, journalists, religious groups, press freedom, and civil liberty advocates sector, bloggers, and other digital communications and influencers.

Odon Bandiola, president of Aklan Press Club (APC), and Jethro Laserna, president of Kalibo Lions Club International (KLCI) and former APC director, said: 

“The memorial mass for Percy Lapid Mabasa is an equivocal support for the Fourth State as an impartial fiscalizers and active deterrence against any form of corruption; a strong reminder that the failure of Press Freedom exercised by professional journalists inspires harassment, weakens civil liberties, and curtails our right to criticize; and a fitting recognition of the values and spirits of the Mabasa forebears indelibly shown in the portal and campus of the Aklan Catholic College.”

For further information about the memorial mass for Percy Mabasa, please contact Mr. Jethro Laserna, president of Kalibo Lions Club, Mobile # 09076879934 and Mr. Odon Bandiola, Mobile # 09283397406.