May 19, 2024

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Batangas City MSMEs undergo seminar on product packaging technologies and labeling requirements

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Batangas City underwent a seminar on product packaging technologies and label requirements conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-Batangas, in partnership with the Office of Batangas City Agriculture at the Research Training Center, Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services, Bolbok, Batangas City.

Mr. John Maico M. Hernandez, Science Research Specialist I at DOST-Batangas, served as the resource speaker during the activity.

The training was divided into two parts, such as the packaging technologies and labeling requirements. The packaging technology session covered the topics about the definition and functions of food packaging, factors in selecting product packaging, food packaging materials, packaging material tests, and food packaging techniques. Several innovations on product packaging were also tackled.

Discussion on labeling requirements touched on the definitions and objectives of label, mandatory label information common in all countries and according to Codex.

Alimentarius, the parts of label, and the “Rules and Regulations Governing the Labeling of Prepackaged Food Products Distributed in the Philippines.”

The mandatory label information which consists the following: 1) product name; 2) brand name/trade name (as per consumer act); 3) list of ingredients; 4) net content declaration; 5) name and address of manufacturer, repacker, importer, trader, and distributor and country of origin; 6) lot identification number; 7) storage condition; 8 ) expiration date; 9) food allergen information; 10) direction/instruction for use; and 11) nutrition facts/nutrition information/nutritive value, were also explained. Other
required information including alcoholic beverages, irradiated foods, additional information, and language were expounded during the discussion.

Product packaging and labels of the participating MSMEs were evaluated during the activity, and areas for improvement were identified.

The activity provided MSMEs with the opportunity to ask for innovations they can make for their products, including the execution of nutrition facts analysis and shelf- life testing.

Various products were evaluated during the activity including ginger brew, tablea chocolate balls, tamarind balls, chocolate bars, pickled papaya, peanut butter, honey, and vacuum-fried vegetables, that will help improve their products that may aid in increasing their profitability.