May 22, 2024

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Brothers-turned-NPA commanders yield

by Justine Rich Talusan

TWO brothers-turned commanders of the New People’s Army’s operating in Southern Mindanao surrendered to officers of the Revitalized-Pulis sa Barangay (R-PSB) of the Police Regional Office 11 in Malita, Davao Occidental this week, PRO11 director Brig. Gen. Filmore Escobal said yesterday.

The two identified only through their rebel monikers “Ka Bagwis” and “Ka Bruno Dos” also turned over their high-powered firearms and explosives to members of the PRO11 R-PSB stationed in Bgy. Manuel Peralta in Malita municipality.

Escobal told Philippine National Police chief Gen. Dionardo Carlos that the two were commanders of the NPA’s Guerrilla Front 75 in Davao Occidental, which was recently dismantled by security troops in the province.“Ka Bagwis” was also identified as a medic and political instructor of the CPP-NPA Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee who has been with the underground movement since the early 90s.“Ka Bruno Dos” was found to have joined the rebel underground movement in 2014.

The two surrendered two M-1 Garand rifles with two magazines containing 12 live ammunition, one cal. .45 pistol with five bullets, an SD card containing subversive documents and a hand grenade.Escobal said that the SD card contained documents with “high-intelligence value,” which are now being processed by his men. “Ka Bagwis,” speaking in the local dialect, said he surrendered after discovering that the R-PSB men assigned in their areas have worked wonders in alleviating the poor plight of his fellows while convincing many other fellow NPA members and sympathizers to yield to the government and avail of the comprehensive livelihood program for rebel returnees.

A brainchild of Escobal, the PRO11 R-PSB program being supervised by PRO11 Deputy Regional Director for Administration Brig. Gen. Edgar Alan Okubo has been cited by the PNP leadership for its noble ideas to help attract much bigger trust and support to the police force.

R-PSB men assigned in Geographically- Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas in Southern Mindanao have helped construct road, school buildings, toilets, artesian wells and potable water distribution system in many parts of the region.

Some members of the R-PSB have been providing basic education to young members of indigenous tribes in the region, earning them the ire of the NPA.One R-PSB officer last year was shot by an NPA rebel while teaching young kids in the region.