February 29, 2024

Data harmonization workshop on the Calabarzon coconut statistics

The Philippine Coconut Authority-Southern Tagalog and PSA IV-A has conducted Data a 2-day Harmonization Workshop to establish a system that will harmonize the available data between the two agencies, given that the PCA will use statistics as a measure of success in its productivity programs. It was held last June 22-23, 2023 at the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Hotel and Resort, Tayabas City, Quezon.

The Philippine Statistics Authority releases Quarterly Coconut Production Statistics while the Philippine Coconut  Authority (PCA) is implementing productivity projects such as replanting of improved varieties and coconut fertilization for more than a decade and targeted even more area for replanting of hybrids and open-pollinated varieties (OPV) which are believed to be high yielding and early-bearing.  Given the knowledge on the significance of reliable coconut statistics which always been a basis for strategic planning, it is vital and necessary to harmonize data being held by PCA and the Philippine Statistics Authority.