June 25, 2024

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DILG Usec puts gag on freedom of expression, right to propose amendments to constitution

DILG undersecretary Chito Valmocina warned village officials not to participate in the signature campaign for the People’s Initiative, according to news reports. He further warned village officials to not even comment on the matter. 

The statement is alarming because he did not state what the violations are, which will only cause fear and confusion among the people and the Barangay officials. 

Definitely, use of government funds or assets is not allowed. As I have been reiterating, this movement does not use government funds and assets, this is purely a private movement. But everyone who wishes to join is accepted. Should government officials support the signature gathering using their own time and money or express support on the matter, they should not be stopped. 

This is not an election where partisan political activities are prohibited. This is a Constitutionally sanctioned exercise of the People’s will and desire to improve the organic law. Thus, any action or statement which shall curtail the freedom of expression and suppress the inherent  Constitutional right of the people to propose amendments should not be countenanced.