February 29, 2024

Directors Lav Diaz, Darryl Yap and Romm Burlat to be feted in the golden globe royal achievement awards

By TJ Freeman

Three Filipino directors will be feted on December 14th for the Golden Globe Royal Achievement Awards. They are Direk Lav Diaz, Direk Darryl Yap and Direk Romm Burlat.

Diaz is consistently making the Philippines proud with his string of award winning movies. Last year, his brilliance has been shown again in the movie, “Ang Historya ni Ha”.

Yap is the current toast of the showbiz world. He was able to bring back the luster of Filipino movies in theaters. His “Maid in Malacañang” is the current highest grossing film. In its 2nd month it is still a box office hit in several countries. Yap is the new Blockbuster Director after the late director, Wenn Deramas.

Burlat has been earning recognitions in international film festivals since 2019. His current film, “Minsa’y Isang Alitaptap” has won 51 international awards including the Finalist recognition at Cannes.

Congratulations to the three of you!