June 15, 2024

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DOH hospitals joins simultaneous launching of ‘Wellness Movement’ in Ilocos region

By Glen S Ramos

The first group of healthcare workers of the Conrado F. Estrella Regional Trauma and Medical Center undergoes a wellness session before starting their daily work routine.

DEPARTMENT of Health (DOH) hospitals in Ilocos Region, namely Mariano Marcos Memorial Medical Center, Region 1 Medical Center, and Conrado F. Estrella Regional Trauma and Medical Center, yesterday joined the simultaneous launching of the “Wellness Movement Program”, an initiative that aims to improve the mental health and well-being of health care workers (HCW) in the workplace. 

The health facilities have enlisted to be part of the 7,200  strong HCWs nationwide to become “wellness warriors” and promote mental health in the workplace.

“HCWs are exposed daily to working conditions that have always been challenging even before the pandemic. These include intensely stressful and emotional circumstances in caring for those who are sick, exposure to human suffering and death and most often demanding physical work and risk of injuries gaya ng patient handling na kung minsan ay demanding pa ang iba at hindi mawawala dito ang pressures from relationships with the patient, family members, at employers,” Regional Director Paula Paz M. Sydiongco stated. 

“With the wellness movement program in place, we can help our HCWs cope with these daily conditions. It combines scientific and practical approaches to help doctors, nurses, and allied health staff to adopt and incorporate effective wellness behaviors like grounding, breathing exercises, and gratitude exercises, during critical moments of their day,” she explained.

The program is a pioneering initiative fitted to promote the well-being of medical frontliners by adopting effective wellness behaviors to bolster their well-being. It was co-designed by DOH’s implementing partner AHA! Behavioral Design. 

One of the essential components of the program is the “Wellness Gadgets,” which are tools designed to seamlessly integrate into the daily routines and experiences of HCWs in which they can also share their wellness journey in community groups through virtual and in-person activities. 

Conrado F. Estrella Regional Medical and Trauma Center Chief Emerson B. Patawaran said that it is important and helpful to learn how to manage stress caused by work. “Kung madalas  kang maka-experience ng feelings of stress, you might be at risk of developing a mental health problem gaya ng depression or anxiety and it can make your existing mental health problems feel worse.” 

“And programs and activities to reduce job stress in the workplace should be given top priority to improve working conditions because we are serving and providing services to improve the health and welfare of the people,” he stressed. 

Medical personnel of the two hospitals has undergone wellness movement activities including meditation of 5-10 minutes.