DOH North Luzon health leaders completes Bayang Malusog Leadership Development Program

DOH – Ilocos Regional health leaders gather for a brainstorming session during the first day of the “Bayang Malusog” Regional Leadership Development Program Module 3” for North Luzon Health Leaders held last September 6-7,2023 in Baguio City. 

Department of Health (DOH) North Luzon health leaders finally completed the “Bayang Malusog” Regional Leadership Development Program Module 3” last September 6-7,2023 conducted by the Zuellig Family Foundation in Baguio City. 

The two-day workshop was attended by Assistant Regional Directors, Regional UHC Coordinators, Provincial Health Teram Leaders and Development Management Officers from the regions of Ilocos, Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Administrative Region. 

Among the major topics imparted were team coaching and social innovation for health that will further aid in the facilitation and acceleration of UHC implementation in their respective provinces. 

DOH – Ilocos Assistant Regional Director Rodolfo Antonio M. Albornoz said that the workshop is essential in providing technical assistance, especially for LCEs as it aimed to provide them guidance in developing an efficient and resilient province-wide health systems for the implementation of Universal Health Care. 

Makakatulong ng malaki ang mga competencies and skills that we acquired during the workshop lalo na sa coaching of provincial leaders on how they will organize their structures and processes for UHC. It also provides tools for creating solutions for possible issues and concerns in the development of plans and projects for the community,” he emphasized. 

The objectives of the “Bayang Malusog Program Module 3” are to provide coaching skills to regional health leaders to improve provincial health outcomes; apply team coaching among provincial leaders; design human-centered solutions in addressing UHC implementation gaps at the regional and provincial level; propose strategies to deliver outcome-related innovations to address UHC implementation gaps and identified challenges; and create a concrete plan of action for supporting provincial health teams. 

“Our goal is to develop an efficient and resilient province-wide health system that will realize the full implementation of UHC, especially now that all provinces in the region are already in the implementation process,” Ilocos Regional UHC Coordinator Laurence G. Navarro emphasized. 

“We can now focus on bridging leadership competencies to address complex health issues related to the integration of the different local health systems at the provincial level in order to fully implement UHC and minimize fragmentation in the delivery of health services at the local level,” she furthered. 

The “Bayang Malusog Program” is aligned with the thrusts of the National Health Sector Strategy 2023-2028 to enable, care for, protect, and strengthen institutions. 

Participants also presented their own best practices in relation to the implementation of UHC during the workshop which was hosted by the DOH-Cagayan Valley Region.

North Luzon health leaders from Ilocos, Cagayan Valley and Cordillera Administrative Region pose for posterity together with former Undersecretary of Health Myrna C. Cabotaje and trainers from Zuellig Family Foundation during the last day of the “Bayang Malusog” Regional Leadership Development Program Module 3” held on September 6-7,2023 in Baguio City.

Former Undersecretary of Health Myrna C. Cabotaje encouraged health leaders to make Universal Health Care a reality for the benefit of all Filipinos during her visit to the 2-day Bayang Malusog Program held in Baguio City.