May 24, 2024

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DOST Batangas joins the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)

THE DOST Batangas staff pulled off the “Duck, Cover and Hold” exercise under their office tables and practiced evacuation of the office in an orderly manner.

As part of the exercise, the DOST Batangas Public Service Continuity Plan (PSCP) was activated. The PSCP ensures that the critical services of DOST Batangas will be restored after a disaster strikes. The chain of command and practice drills in which the office’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) was called upon are both included in the plan. They are tasked with treating wounds and conducting a headcount of evacuated employees.

A recovery team was then assembled to evaluate the office building’s damages. The employees are instructed to go back to their assigned positions once it has been determined that the office is secure.
The drills serve as evidence of DOST Batangas’ ongoing disaster readiness and efficient disaster response, which are designed to maintain business continuity even in the event of a disaster.