May 27, 2024

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House MDS rolls out largest flu vaccination program

TO help lessen and mitigate the impact of seasonal influenza and its associated complications, the House of Representatives (HRep) Medical and Dental Service (MDS) headed by Director Dr. Luis Jose Bautista on Thursday rolled out its largest flu vaccination program. 

Dr. Bautista said the flu vaccine program this year seeks to inoculate 1,200 to 1,500 recipients. “This is the largest vaccination we have here in Congress.” The Quadrivalent flu vaccines were administered for free to House Members and Secretariat officials and employees, as well as congressional staff, attached agencies, service providers, dependents and guests. “This is for everyone, including their dependents.”

Dr. Bautista observed a spike of flu-like and that the flu symptoms that people endure now are even graver that the COVID-19 symptoms. “Medically speaking, it is necessary to control ‘yung mga flu symptoms. Ito ‘pag nagka-flu ka, the symptoms are very hard and very prolonged. Dati three to four days lang wala na ung flu. Now we find people with flu for two weeks. It’s really better to have some protection,” he said.

Dr. Bautista also explained that the influenza virus undergoes numerous mutations, resulting in the emergence of distinct strains during each flu season. Thus, receiving a yearly flu vaccine is important, as it is specifically designed to offer immunity against the most common type or variant of the flu for that specific year. He advised vaccinees to take paracetamol if any side effect occurs after vaccination. In addition, strengthening the immune system and consistently wearing of face mask will also aid in reducing the transmission of the influenza virus. 

The vaccination sites were located at the Main Building rear entrance lobby, Library Museum and Archives Building lobby, Aquino-Makalintal Hall – South Wing Annex Building, and North Steel Parking Building for drive-thru vaccinations.