May 24, 2024

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House rolls out health programs for HRep workforce

THE House of Representatives (HRep), through its Medical and Dental Service (MDS), on Tuesday rolled out a diverse range of health services for House Members and the House secretariat. 

“We have lots of activities all geared towards preserving the health and discovering health problems ng ating House Members, employees and even dependents,” MDS Director Dr. Luis Jose Bautista announced. 

Aside from the Annual Physical Examination (APE), HRep employees may also avail of advanced urinalysis, eye examination, flu vaccination, mammography, and attend a mental health webinar. 

The MDS used technology to make queuing for the APE minimally inconvenient. HRep employees may take advantage of the flu vaccination program on October 19th, to be administered in the Main Building Rear Entrance, South Wing Annex (SWA) Aquino-Makalintal Hall, Legislative Library Archives and Museum Building (LLAMB) Lobby and at the North Steel Parking Building. 

The MDS also encouraged women over 40 years old to take advantage of the free mammogram screening. The screening includes the generation of a referral for a scheduled appointment to a hospital or diagnostic center, as warranted. The advanced urinalysis on the other hand, in envisioned to help in the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of medical conditions, enabling early detection, effective management, and improved overall health outcomes. 

The webinar, “Isip Series: Rising Up from Depression,” scheduled on October 18, will tackle depression and provide strategies for managing it. 

The MDS is also ready to launch its Emergency Medical Service (EMS), which will provide quick and proper emergency care, as well as immediate transport to healthcare facilities. “We always say that wherever you are here, if you have an emergency in the confines of the entire HRep, we will be there in just four minutes,” Dr. Bautista said. 

The MDS had already established a trained team to handle emergency situations using their new Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances. The MDS is now awaiting the establishment of a direct hotline and radio communications to handle emergency cases. He also stated that they intend to train at least one employee in every office to manage emergencies appropriately.