May 19, 2024

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Kalinga weaver featured at the WTM 2023’s Philippines booth

THE Cordillera weaving tradition takes the spotlight at the World Travel Market 2023  in London as the Philippines booth proudly displayed this cultural wealth that showcases one of the country’s indigenous craftsmanships.

Beyond the woven textiles, this time-cherished tradition also symbolizes the Cordilleran communities as they weave a tapestry of understanding, respect, and appreciation for the remarkable heritage they embody.

DOT Cordillera Administrative Region Director Jovita Ganongan noted that culture-based tourism,  an important product of the region and is also a favorite among Europeans who have a penchant for “slow tourism” and cultural immersion.

Slow tourism is a part of the sustainable tourism family. In this form of travel, there is  greater personal awareness and  tourists take time to  explore local history and culture, while supporting the environment.

A visit to the Philippine booth, guests can find themselves in the Cordilleras where threads intertwine and stories unfold. A reason for you to love the Philippines even more.

| Tourism Promotions Board Philippines Philippine Department of Tourism – London Office World Travel Market – WTM London Department of Tourism- Cordillera Administrative Region Office