June 18, 2024

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Labor group FFW denounces union busting, non-payment of benefits at Duty Free Philippines Corp.

THE Federation of Free Workers (FFW) stands united in denouncing the alarming union-busting actions taken by the management of Duty Free Philippines Corporation. In a discriminatory move, the management has retrenched all officers save one of the United Workers of Duty Free Philippines (UWDFP-FFW), an affiliate of the FFW, while inexplicably retaining all officers of the losing rival union which is identified as pro-management.

“16  officers from the union president to board members were served with notices of separation, while all union officers of our rival union are retained or given new appointments,” said UWDFP-FFW president Ernesto Manganlindan. UWDFP-FFW is the incumbent certified negotiating agent of all rank-and-file employees which won in a certificafication election in 2022.

The FFW is deeply concerned about this blatant discrimination against  UWDFP-FFW officers and demands immediate transparency and fairness from Duty Free Philippines management. It is the duty of any responsible organization to uphold the rights and dignity of its workforce, and such actions against unionized workers are unacceptable.

Furthermore, the FFW hits the management of Duty Free Philippines for misleading the Senate Committee on Tourism in the last hearing chaired by Senator Nancy Binay. The truth is:  Duty Free failed to fulfill their obligation of providing separation pay and other benefits to those who earlier voluntarily availed of separation. This is contrary to official pronouncements during a Senate hearing no separation pay is yet granted to affected employees for four months since separation.

The reorganization program was postponed twice this year for haste and lack of consultation.

The FFW also highlights the unpreparedness of Duty Free Philippines in dealing with crucial matters, as their request for an opinion for tax exemption remains pending with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). This lack of progress further exacerbates the uncertainty faced by the employees.

Meanwhile, a case of petition for certiorari with a prayer for injunction is currently pending in the Regional Trial Court (RTC) 195 of Parañaque. The United Workers Duty Free Philippines-FFW, is questioning the constitutionality of the reorganization act of GCG and Duty Free Philippines Corporation has as the same was without prior approval from the Office of the President of the Philippines. 

The FFW firmly supports this legal action, which is crucial in upholding workers’ rights and the rule of law.The hearing for the injunction is scheduled to continue tomorrow, and the FFW remains steadfast in its commitment to defending the rights and welfare of the affected employees.