June 17, 2024

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Lawmakers call on Econ cha-cha doubters to trust HRep

LAWMAKERS on Thursday called on skeptics to trust the House of Representatives to heed President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s clarion call to limit proposed amendments to the restrictive economic provisions of the Constitution only as the Committee of the Whole House ended its marathon hearings and endorsed Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 7 for plenary adoption.

In a press briefing, Assistant Majority Leader and Lanao del Sur Rep. Zia Alonto Adiong said the fears of political amendments are unfounded, “because the President is very clear that what he wants is just to revisit the economic provisions and no other,  and RBH 7 is very very clear and concise, we would only debate on discuss economic provisions.” 

“I believe what we have witnessed in the previous days and weeks is already enough evidence to dispel any rumors, apprehension or any tsismis na sinasabing baka ma-expand ang coverage ng discussion in the coming days. I think we need to give each other the benefit of the doubt at the same time work on the basis of trust,” Adiong stressed.

He then invited his skeptical colleagues from the Makabayan bloc to review what has transpired during the two-week marathon hearings on RBH 7 of the Committee of the Whole House, in which they actively participated.

“Isn’t it already a proof that what we have seen for several weeks since the start of the discussion of RBH 7, isn’t it enough that it is a proof that we only limited our discussion to economic provisions? Nakita po nating iyong flow of the committee hearings of the Committee of the Whole,” he said.

He said the committee invited resource persons only on public utilities, education and advertising — the areas covered by the proposed amendments.

“There was no invitation sent to any organization or individual or maybe expert on political issues. So, I think we have to work on the basis of trust…we cannot achieve anything if every step of the way, we always have doubts on our colleagues,” he said.

Deputy Majority Leader and Iloilo First District Rep. Janette Garin, who was also a deputy majority leader of the Committee of the Whole House, said the Makabayan bloc’s apprehensions are just that — fears.

“Yung mga haka-haka o takot na pinag-uusapan, that’s actually the problem, if you are legislating with many fears behind your mind. Dapat kasi bilang mga kongresista, ang tinitingnan natin, ano ba ang mga batas na kailangan ng taongbayan? Where can we participate? That statement possibly points to a distrust within the system and that is something na pinapakita nga natin na tinatanggal. Kaya matutugunan lang itong distrust na ito kapag talagang i-tackle (ang RBH 7),” she added.