May 19, 2024

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LIRMD holds traditional Christmas tree lighting

TO showcase the vibrancy of the Christmas spirit in its halls, the Legislative Information Resources Management Department (LIRMD) of the House of Representatives, on Monday lit its very own wooden Christmas tree and Christmas lanterns made of recycled materials, reflecting its advocacies on environmental protection and promotion of the historical script Baybayin.

“It has become a tradition here in the LIRMD to celebrate Christmas and highlight our advocacies like environmental protection. Taon-taon po ang Christmas decoration po (namin) ay gawa sa recycled materials. Over the past years, we also started the advocacy on Baybayin based on bills and resolutions filed by House members. Ito ay katutubong manuscript ng panulat. Maligaya kaming ibahagi ang tradisyon na ito sa inyo at nawa’y maging maligaya ang Pasko sa ating lahat,” Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) Dr. Edgardo Pangilinan, Ph.D. said. 

OIC-DSG for Administrative Department Atty. Jennelyn Go-Sison shared that it was in 2018 that the eco-friendly approach in celebrating Christmas festivities began in LIRMD. “We crafted our first eco-friendly Christmas tree, a collaborative effort from all our staff here in LIRMD, contributing their individual talents and creativity in building the various parts of our first ever eco-friendly Christmas tree,” she said. The activity fostered camaraderie among the staff and officials, and ignited their passion for recycling. 

“With this tree, we want it to be a reminder of the strength we find in unity, the resilience we discovered during the challenging times, and thee cultural pride that defines us,” she said. 

According to DSG Go-Sison, the pandemic years did not deter the LIRMD’s creativity, “Despite the physical distance, we were still able to continue our Christmas tradition with each staff from the confines of our own homes crafting ornaments that would later on adorn our first ever pandemic era Christmas tree. It was a testament to our resilience creativity and enduring bond that we have here in LIRMD.” 

DSG Sison said the LIRMD’s Christmas tree this year is carved from the wood of old library shelves with a design that integrates the use of the ancient writing script Baybayin, bearing the message “Maligayang Pasko and LIRMD.