June 15, 2024

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Marcos’ Malaysia state visit seen to create 100,000 jobs

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. sees over 100,000 job opportunities from the $285 million in investment pledges reaped from his successful three-day state visit to Malaysia.

“We don’t have a number as yet because we – kakapirma lang. So, we will have to make the assessments. But I’m talking at the very least tens of thousands if not over, more than 100,000 jobs here,” President Marcos said in an interview with the press.

The statement of the chief executive came after he was asked about the possible employment opportunities that will be generated from the $285 million investment commitments by the Malaysian business leaders.

President Marcos met with Malaysian business leaders on Thursday who expressed intention to invest in the food processing industry, multi-service digital platforms, aviation and aviation maintenance support services in the Philippines.

The chief executive also emphasized that the business leaders wanted to invest in the logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment facilities in the country.

President Marcos explained that the investment commitments would surely generate job opportunities especially during the construction phase of the various projects, and even during the operational phase.

“The downstream, upstream and downstream jobs will also increase and will maintain that job employment rate. So, when we start talking – when we start getting down to the details of the project, we can give you a better number in terms of jobs created,” the president added.

President Marcos joined a roundtable meeting on Thursday with Malaysian business leaders organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). *