May 22, 2024

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NHA head inspects housing projects in Cebu

By Justine Rich Talusan

NATIONAL Housing Authority (NHA) general manager  Joeben Tai conducted a two-day ocular inspection of the government’s housing projects in Cebu.

 The two-day inspection was held on Friday and yesterday.

Tai inspected the Southpark Residences and

the Naga Permanent Housing Project.

The Southpark Residences is under the NHA’s Government Employees Housing Program, from which government employees, overseas Filipino workers, and uniformed personnel can avail of the program.

The project will consist of three medium-rise buildings that will generate 850 housing units, each with a floor area of 42 sqm.

The NHA official also inspected the Naga Permanent Housing Project intended for landslide victims in barangays Inoburan and Tina-an, Naga City.

The project will generate 192 housing units, with each unit measuring 26 sqm..

Tai also checked the proposed Build Better and More (BBM) Housing program housing sites – the Cebu City BRT Resettlement Project, Tender Homes Phase 1, and Toledo Heights Phase 1.

Located in Bgy. Tejero, Cebu City, the Cebu BRT Resettlement Housing Project is intended for informal settler families, specifically for families affected by the proposed Cebu Bus Rapid Transit Project by the Department of Transportation. A total of 57 housing units will be constructed for the said project.

Toledo Heights Phase 1 in Bgy. Luray, Toledo City and Tender Homes Phase 1 in Bgy. Tejero, Cebu City are both intended for informal settler families living in danger zones such as waterways, railways, and calamity-prone areas.

Toledo Heights Phase 1 will generate 120 housing units while Tender Homes Phase 1 will generate 60 housing units. Each housing unit has a floor area of 24 sqm.