May 22, 2024

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Pastors endorse Mabalacat mayor’s reelection bid

By Justine Rich Talusan

A CONGREGATION of leader-pastors in Mabalacat City, Pampanga yesterday declared  full support for the reelection bid of incumbent Mayor Crisostomo Garbo.

Leader-pastors of the Association of United Christian Churches of Angeles and Mabalacat (AUCCAM)  handed a manifesto of support to Garbo during the Team MCG proclamation rally held on March 26 in Bgy. Mabiga, Mabalacat City.

“We, the leaders of Pastors of the Association of United Christian Churches of Angeles and Mabalacat, do hereby declare our commitment and support to the candidacy of Mayor Crisostomo Cunanan Garbo this coming elections,” the manifesto stated.

The manifesto of support, presented by the AUCCAM, along with other independent born-again Christian churches in Mabalacat City, stated that Garbo has the Pro-4Cs of a leader —  Character, Competence, Courage, and Compassion — and that he has the most important “C” —  which is Christ, for openly confessing, he as a person was changed by the Love and Grace of God.”

The  AUCCAM said Garbo  implemented unwavering efforts to uplift Mabalaqueños’ way of living by consistently serving  his constituents, specifically ease of doing business under his administration.

They said the mayor’s humility, courage, and compassion were  seen, particularly during the pandemic when Garbo  attended to the needs of every Mabalaqueños to combat COVID-19.

“The mayor disregards both the dangers he is facing and the dangers he may bring about to his family and friends just to attend to the needs of all Mabalaquenos,” the group added.

“We are in adherence to his leadership because Mayor Crisostomo Garbo was both chosen by God and his Mabalaqueñian people through a legitimate and honest automated election,” the manifesto added.