May 21, 2024

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PCG responds to maritime incident in Romblon

THE Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has responded to a maritime incident involving LCT Ellis Mari IV that ran aground approximately 500 yards of municipal waters off Barangay Busay, San Jose, Romblon, yesterday, 28 October 2023.

The landing craft tank (LCT) has 19 crew members on board, including the captain, and all are in good physical condition. 

LCT Ellis Mari IV carries 40 bags of tanner cement, 120 cubic meters of sand, 120 cubic meters of gravel, and five drums of diesel.

Based on the initial investigation, the LCT departed Odiongan Port, Romblon, at around 8 AM. 

It was already performing an engine docking maneuver at Barangay Busay at around 3 PM when it ran aground due to strong winds and currents.

Local divers conducted vessel damage inspection and found minor scratches on her starboard (right) side near the stern (rear) area.

The PCG team advised the captain to file a marine protest to document the incident for submission to the PCG and MARINA.