November 29, 2023

PCG suspends water search, rescue training after death of CG personnel in Palawan

PHILIPPINE Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant, CG Admiral Ronnie Gil L Gavan, has ordered the suspension of all ongoing water search and rescue (WASAR) training , 16 November 2023. 

This occurred following the death of a Coast Guard personnel during the Coast Guard District Palawan’s WASAR training that commenced on Tuesday, 14 November 2023. 

“All WASAR courses are hereby suspended immediately pending the conduct of review of safety procedures by the Coast Guard Special Operations Force and cognizant units,” the Coast Guard Commandant said. 

On Wednesday, 15 November 2023, a 27-year-old PCG District Palawan personnel with the rank of “Apprentice Seaman” lost consciousness amid the 100-meter swim. 

The training staff immediately noticed the situation and conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

He was brought to the nearest hospital for further medical assistance but was declared dead by the attending physician at around 9PM. 

“As guardians of the sea, our personnel are expected to have relevant knowledge and skills in swimming and saving lives at sea,” CG Admiral Gavan furthered.

“With this incident, rest assured that our existing training safety protocols will be reviewed and improved to ensure that every personnel preparing to become first responders can effectively serve the Filipino nation by upholding safety of lives at sea,” he concluded.