June 19, 2024

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PCSO E-Lotto contract disadvantageous to gov’t per OGCC- Barbers

SURIGAO del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers filed a resolution calling for an immediate investigation into the alleged disadvantageous contract entered into by PCSO through its General Manager Melquiades Robles and Pacific Online Corporation, the e-lotto operator. 

The recently implemented e-lotto has become very controversial in the light of the January 16 6/49 lotto draw with the allegedly lone online winning bettor getting the 640 Million jackpot. 

“It is now becoming clear that even without the approval by the OGCC, Robles proceeded with the implementation of the contract. I hope he has a valid reason for doing so despite the findings by the OGCC that such contract is disadvantageous to the government, therefore violative of the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act”, Barbers said.

“With this alone, Robles has put the PCSO in a bind and exposes it to lawsuits. Instead of heeding the OGCC call, he threw all cautions to the wind and wantonly implemented the contract”, Barbers added.

“The purpose of the investigation is to find out the reasons for the findings of the OGCC and the reasons why the PCSO GM disregarded such findings, to the great disadvantage of the government”, Barbers said.