May 27, 2024

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PDEA leaks a dud stinks of demolition job– Barbers

SURIGAO del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers today called on Senators and Congressmen to conduct due diligence and complete staff work (CSW) in handling investigations in aid of legislation so as not to waste valuable government resources.

Barbers made the call amidst the dismal outcome of the probe on the alleged “PDEA Leaks”, initiated by the Senate Committee on Public Order chaired by reelectionist Senator Ronald  Bato dela Rosa. 

The probe is based on a lone witness’ written claim that was already dismissed as non-existent by PDEA yet being resurrected and given attention 12 years after its alleged filing by dismissed PDEA anti-drug agent Jonathan Morales.

“The people were tortured in listening to Mr. Morales’ arrogant presentation of myths and fairy tales, hearsays and double hearsays, uncorroborated and unfounded allegations without an iota of evidence to support them,” he said. 

“I am no expert in the rules on evidence, but it would be foolhardy for anybody to validate and authenticate any evidence, the existence of which was already denied by the agency which is the official custodian of  such documents. If the document is fake, we should not waste time looking for the original because there is none”, Barbers said.

Morales, who is now masquerading as an anti-drug crusader under a group called “Anti-Drug Advocate Laban ng Pamilyang Pilipino Center for Investigative Regulatory Compliance”, had been dismissed from the police service and as PDEA agent for alleged involvement in various administrative and criminal offenses. 

“Engaging the unfounded and uncorroborated claims and narratives of Mr. Morales is just a waste of time, money and government resources. It’s much ado about nothing. He is found to be having selective memories of events, parang kwentong barbero lang, when asked to provide details of his tales and allegations,” Barbers said. 

The solon from Surigao del Norte disclosed that some quarters have earlier urged him to conduct a probe in aid of legislation on the alleged “PDEA Leaks” and Morales but he flatly turned it down after learning of the latter’s questionable credibility and shady past as a police officer and PDEA agent. 

“Una, it’s hard to comprehend what kind of legislation can my committee generate from the stories of Mr. Morales. Si Mr. Morales ay puro wento pero puro wala wenta. Pwedeng sabihin na kathang isip lang yung testimony nya dahil wala ni isa man na material or corroborative evidence. Mr. Morales, tinimbang ka nguni’t kulang”, Barbers said.  

“Lawmakers should always be circumspect and discerning before presenting any resource person’s testimony or evidence.  We should all be cautious in conducting deep background checks on their credibility para hindi po tayo makuryente ika nga. More importantly, we should not waste scarce and valuable government resource conducting investigations in aid of legislation with only one witness who is not at all credible and based solely on that witness’ fake document and hearsay allegations so that we dont get accused of grandstanding, or in the worst case scenario, used in a demolition job”, Barbers concluded.