May 27, 2024

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‘PDEA leaks’ probe waste of Senate’s time, effort, resources– Suarez

A RANKING leader of the House of Representatives has expressed disappointment in the continued tolerance of the Senate leadership on the hearings of the committee of Sen. Bato dela Rosa on the alleged “PDEA leaks,” that has been proven not only to be untrue but also coming from a questionable witness.

Deputy Speaker and Quezon Rep. David “Jay-jay” Suarez said the hearings of the Senate Committee on Public Order chaired by Dela Rosa is a waste of the Senate’s time, effort, money and resources.

“Not only did I expect more from the good Senator (Bato), but I expected more from the Senate leadership … When it comes to the Senate, for the past two hearings that they had, I really don’t understand why they are spending so much time, effort, money, and resources sa mga bagay-bagay na wala namang katotohanan,” Suarez said during the daily press briefings of the House held at the Manila Polo Club in Makati.

The PDEA has already denied the allegations of its former agent, Jonathan Morales, who claims that a PDEA document shows President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s involvement in illegal drugs. Also, Morales was found to have been dismissed from PDEA due to dishonesty and misconduct.

“In fact, ‘yong credibility ng witness is questionable, pati ‘yong PDEA sinabi na walang katotohanan din ‘yong binabanggit ni Morales, at ang hindi ko maintindihan bakit ba pinapayagan, when we know for a fact that number one, it’s not true; number two, he is lying, and number three, he has no evidence to show,” Suarez said.

He referred to a point raised by Sen. Chiz Escudero, saying, “And that point raised by Sen. Chiz Escudero is excellent – the point was the leak of the document, so why are we talking about personalities in the document?” Suarez asked. 

If the point of the inquiry was the leak of the document, then relevant questions should have been asked, like who leaked the supposed document, how was it done or the personalities were involved.

“Eh nagdamay-damay ka pa ng mga personalidad at mga pangalan doon na wala namang kinalaman dapat sa specific na investigation na isinasagawa ng committee.  So my appreciation of that fact, number one, you’re out to malign, destroy, the personalities mentioned, di umano, sa document,” Suarez said.

“Sa akin, this is very unfortunate. It saddens me that we have to go down to this level of political discourse when we should focus our attention on more important issues such as the West Philippine Sea, issues such as the Rice Tariffication Law, which the Committee on Agriculture has recently approved, and issues such as rise in prices of commodities na inaaral ngayon ng Mababang Kapulungan,” he said.