June 17, 2024

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PDP-Laban support the Frontliners “Ang Bida Party list”

in Photo : Frontliners Ang Bida Party list #111 first nominee Jayke Joson (from left) joins PDP Laban senatorial candidate actor Robin Padilla, San Mateo Mayor Paeng Diaz, broadcaster senatorial candidate Rey Langit and second nominee Coco Naik of Ako OFW Partylist # 10 during a senatorial proclamation rally in Jose F. Diaz Stadium in Rizal over the weekend.

THE Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist thanks the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino (PDP)-Laban coalition party of Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi along with the seven senatorial candidates for supporting them as the only three partylist under its political wing. PDP-Laban has acknowledged the Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist #111, Sandugo Partylist #77 and Ako OFW Partylist #10 as the only partylists of the political party of President Rodrigo Duterte in this year’s May 9 Presidential election in last Saturday’s proclamation at the Jose F. Diaz Stadium.

 “The Frontliners shares the same principles and political ideology of the PDP-Laban of President Rodrigo Duterte and Sec. Al Cusi, so it is really a great honor to join them including the seven senators in the proclamation night,” Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist first nominee Jayke Joson said.

 “There’s nothing political here but our beliefs are just the same. And we are happy to be considered.”

Before the proclamation hosted by San Mateo Mayor Cristina Diaz in the evening, the former actor and film producer Joson and the Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist participated a one-hour motorcade around San Mateo Rizal.

Thousands supporters all over San Mateo Rizal greeted the Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist as it traversed its streets and main roads together with the PDP-Laban members, other candidates, and supporters.

 “PDP-Laban of President Duterte is the only political party that really cares for our frontliners during the pandemic, the one who really cares for the welfare of the masses,” Joson added.

 “We are very happy to be acknowledged as part of their family. Our frontliners are very proud..” PDP also proclaimed its magnificent seven senatorial candiates led by ex-Cabinet secretaries Salvador Panelo, Greco Belgica, John Castriciones and Energy Undersecretary Astra Pimentel, broadcaster Rey Langit and actor Robin Padilla.

“These candidates will give continuity to the good programs of the current administration which is beneficial to our frontliners, the doctors, nurses, medical staff, soldiers, police, barangay workers and food delivery boys, among other, in the long run,” he said.

Joson added the 11-point agenda for continuity including the fight against corruptions; eradication of poverty; peace and order; ending the pandemic; defeating communist terrorism; sustaining economic growth; creating jobs; strengthening national defense and foreign relations; educational reforms; decentralization and local government empowerment; and charter change and Federalism must go on.

 Frontliners Ang Bida Partylist aims to push for double hazard pay, tax-free allowance, free insurance policies for all frontliners and the abolishment of the no pay, no work policy for sick frontliners.

 Frontliners is one of the 178 partylist candidates that will vie for a potential 63 seats in the House of Representatives.