May 24, 2024

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PNP unveils P1.48-B new mission- essential equipment

IN a momentous stride towards enhancing the capabilities of the Philippine National Police, PNP Chief, PGen Benjamin C. Acorda Jr., spearheaded the presentation and blessing of recently acquired equipment at Camp Crame on October 2, 2023. This event signifies a significant milestone in the force’s relentless pursuit of delivering heightened security and service to the Filipino people.

The equipment, which includes 44 units of marked Light Transport Vehicles, 120 units of Personnel Carriers 4×4, 203 units of Patrol Jeep Single Cab 4×2, 5,755 units of 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifles, 5,809,128 rounds of cartridge 5.56mm Ball ammunition, 949 units of Enhanced Combat Helmets, 2,825 units of All-Purpose Vests (Undershirt), and 959 units of All-Purpose Vests (Tactical), will significantly bolster the operational capabilities of the PNP.

The procurement of these essential assets, valued at PhP1,481,342,545.45, was successfully managed by the NHQ Bids and Awards Committee and funded through the Capability Enhancement Programs (CEPs) of 2022 and 2023.

In his address, PGen Acorda Jr. expressed his gratitude to the NHQ Bids and Awards Committee for their dedication to ensuring the successful acquisition of these critical resources. He emphasized the importance of these procurements, not just as items on a list, but as a testament to the PNP’s commitment to strengthen the capabilities of the police force.

“These acquisitions are not mere tools,” PGen Acorda remarked. “They are the instruments that empower us to effectively fulfill our duty to protect and serve the Filipino people. They represent our commitment to strengthening our capacity to maintain peace and security in our communities.”

Chief, PNP extended the gratitude of the PNP to the national government for their continued support in the modernization efforts of the police force. He cited the most recent pronouncement by President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., who said, “The national government will continue to find ways to pursue the modernization of the PNP. And that’s together with our efforts to build a new Philippines where both the government and citizens work together for progress and prosperity. And we will also equip our police forces with the latest technology, training, and resources to bolster your capabilities.”

He went on to stress the responsibility of every PNP personnel to use these resources judiciously, responsibly, and following the highest standards of professionalism. PGen Acorda reminded them that these items carry with them the trust and expectations of their fellow Filipinos.

PGen Acorda concluded his speech by encouraging all members of the PNP to be guided by the principles of “Serbisyong Nagkakaisa,” a service united in purpose and committed to the welfare of the people. He expressed confidence that with the dedication of the PNP personnel and the tools at their disposal, they would continue to work tirelessly to provide the highest level of security and service to the nation.

The presentation and blessing of the recently acquired PNP equipment epitomize the unwavering dedication of the force in upholding the core values that define the Philippine National Police. This steadfast commitment is aimed at fostering a safer and more secure environment for all citizens of the Philippines.