May 22, 2024

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Prestigious Gawad Dangal Award for Filipino achievers

By Crema Limpin

GOOD deeds are contagious, so are good men. In what appears to be a tribute far from many others,
Filipino achievers in their respective fields of expertise are set to be recognized based beyond what they
have contributed to the industry that they’re in.
Come December 28, a lean list of successful, influential, and excelling Filipinos will be bestowed with the
prestigious Gawad Dangal Filipino Awards at the Eurotel North EDSA, says Gawad Dangal Filipino
chairman Romm Burlat.
According to Burlat, a multi-awarded international director, actor and host, this year’s awardees were
determined based on several criteria including personal and career achievements, character, and
untainted image.
“Every Gawad Dangal honoree must be a role model to his co-worker, a best example to his family and a
loyal citizen to his country,” says Burlat.
“I consider our chosen winners as cream of the crop, not crop of the cream,” he added.
This year’s winners include celebrities, educators, businessmen, philanthropists, and even exemplary
students. Upon nomination, the nominees are screened twice. – verification of their respective
achievements, and background investigation of each qualified nominee.
The big night will be hosted by Viva artist-singer-actor Lance Raymundo and event host Jenny Roxas.
Segment Host is PBB Otso Housemate Mark Clython Art Guma. Providing live entertainment are Asia’
Ultimate Diva Dulce, Miss Saigon Star Ima Castro and Bidaman, singers and actors Ron Macapagal and
Jiro Custodio.
This year’s winners include Maricel Soriano – Outstanding Movie Queen and Best Drama Actress of the
Year; Sharon Cuneta – Outstanding Movie Queen/Singer Performer of the Year; Dr. Edward Perez –
Most Empowered Executive of the Year; Tess Tolentino – Best Producer & Model Mother of the Year;
Jonas Gaspar Enore – Best Event Organizer & Remarkable Booking and Talent Manager of the Year; Atty.
Persida Rueda-Acosta – Most Outstanding Public Servant; Ima Castro – Best Actress in A Musicale; Dulce
– Most Outstanding Singer/Performer of the Year; Ron Macapagal – Outstanding Actor/Singer of the
Year; Racquel Caldez – Most Empowered Woman Advocating Environmental Preservation, Remarkable

Government Employee & Environmental Writer of the Year; Ma. Angelita Rabanal – Most Empowered
Woman & Outstanding Researcher – Extensionist of the Year; Dr. Mary Ann Canoy Aguilar Rebong –
Most Outstanding CEO & Company President of the Year; Rebong Security – Outstanding Security
Agency of the Year; Lance Raymundo – Best Host/Singer of the Year; Mayor Josemarie Diaz – Best Local
Chief Executive of the Year; Mayor Juris B. Sucro – Outstanding Mayor & Remarkable Public Servant of
the Year; Mr. Ricky Laggui – Best Public Official of the Year; Mayor Marcos Mamay – Outstanding Mayor
of the Philippines; Rico Garcia– Most Outstanding Jazz Crooner of the Year and Lead Actor in A Musicale;
Alexander Curada – Most Outstanding Festival Director in Caraga Region; Nash Leeho- Outstanding
Young Designer of the Year; Rhea Anicoche-Tan – Most Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
and Beautederm – Best Beauty Products Company of the Year.

Other winners include:
● Pete Ampoloquio, Jr. – Most Outstanding Columnist of the Decade
● Rodel Ocampo – Most Outstanding Movie Columnist
● Victorio Paguio Calma Jr – Outstanding Young Director of the Year
● Princess Martinez Calma – Most Promising Performer of the Year
● Mel Martines – Most Outstanding Comedian Host of the Year
● Toni Co – Most Outstanding Comedian Host of the Year
● Richard Quan – Most Durable Best Supporting Actor
● Sabrina M – Supporting Indie Actress of the Year
● Jethro Ramirez – Supporting Indie Actor of the Year
● Gabby Concepcion – Most Outstanding Actor of the Year
● Via Veloso – Outstanding Actress in the 90s
● Katrina Paula – Outstanding Actress in the 90s
● Lovely Rivero – Most Revered TV Actress of the Year
● Gerald Santos – Best Actor in A Musicale
● Rommel Ramilo – Best Director in A Musicale
● Gerard Dequina – Empowered Man of the Year
● Steven Nacpil – Most Promising Actor & Outstanding Commercial Model of the Year
● Ellijah Alejo- – Outstanding Young Actress of the Year
● Dexter Macaraef – Outstanding Indie Director of the Year
● Albert Andrada – Most Remarkable International Fashion Designer
● Amir Sali – Most Exceptional International Fashion Designer
● Derwen Lipardo – Outstanding Fashion Designer
● Diane Querrer – Outstanding News Anchor of the Year
● Engr. Edward Vallespin aka Amazing Peanut – Most Outstanding Comedian & Stage Performer of
the Year
● Roldan Castro – Best Entertainment Editor of the Year
● Rommel Placente – Most Outstanding Tabloid Writer of the Year
● Nonie Nicasio – Most Remarkable Tabloid Columnist of the Year
● Antonell Albano – Most Outstanding Leader Advocate & Exemplary Hotel Event Organizer of the
● Christopher Leyson – Outstanding Event organizer & photographer par excellence of the Year
● Miller Daniolco – Outstanding Event organizer & photographer par excellence of the Year

● Fernan de Guzman – Outstanding Philippine Movie Press Club President
● Pres. Caesar Vallejos – Most Outstanding TV Executive of the Year
● Net 25 – Outstanding TV Station of the Year
● Dr. Ziven Evaro Tabangcura – Best Celebrity Dentist for Humanitarian Causes in Showbiz
● Dr. Bobby Brimon – Most Trusted Filipino International Award Icon
● WCEA – Global Trusted Award Giving Body
● Richard Hinola – Remarkable Awards Icon of the Year
● Dr. Oliver Tenorio – Most Outstanding Medical Doctor of the Year
● Angie Montero – Most Outstanding Educator of the Year
● Alfred Montero – Most Outstanding Youth Leader
● Miko Cruz – Most Outstanding Talent Coordinator of the Year
● Alan Paul Paeldon aka Lan – Outstanding Independent Rap Artist/ Songwriter of the Year
● Dianne Medina – Outstanding TV & Event Host of the Year
● Rodjun Cruz – Most Revered TV Personality of the Year
● Arlene Galvez – Most Empowered Beauty Queen of the Year
● Maxine Medina – Most Revered Beauty Queen of the Year
● William Martinez – Remarkable Actor of the Year
● Lourdes Bagtasos – Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year
● Ruru Madrid – Outstanding Fantaserye King of the Year
● Jane de Leon – Outstanding Fantaserye Queen of the Year
● Tyronne Escalante – Most Outstanding Talent Manager of the Year
● Roy Espinosa – Most Remarkable International Filipino Painter of the Year
● Allan Sibayan Zulueta – Most Exceptional Educator & Advocate for IPs of the Year
● Zig Dulay- Best TV Director of the Year
● Jinky Joyce Aguilar – Most Empowered Real Estate Broker of the Year
● Kristine Quinto – Empowered Woman & Most Promising Host of the Year
● Joy Ann Santos – Most Influential Beauty Queen of the Year
● John Fontanilla aka Janna Chuchu – Outstanding Radio SJ & Entertainment Columnist of the Year
● Dr. Faye Tangonan – Most Empowered Beauty Queen of the Year
● Mariannne Beatriz Bermundo – Most Remarkable Teen Beauty Queen of the Year
● Arlo Custodio – Outstanding Journalist of the Year
● Mr. Dante Francis Ang – Most Empowered Executive in Journalism
● Ma. Clarissa Claire Balmes – Most Outstanding Hospital Administrator of the Year
● Dr. Dante Ang – Lifetime Achievement Award for Journalism
● Rico Garcia – Most Outstanding Jazz Crooner of the Year and Lead Actor in a Musicale
● Dr. Em Sevilla – Best Aesthetic Doctor of the Year
● Vine Aesthetics – Best Aesthetic Clinic of the Year
● Crown Jewel Dental Cosmetics & Implant Clinic – Best Dental Clinic & Implant Center of the Year
● JulieAnne Saenz-Tallongan – Best Entrepreneur of the Year
● JulieAnne’s Kitchen – Best Authentic Cuisine of the Year
● Dr. Joy Garcia –Most Outstanding Dental Doctor of the Year
● Carl Vincent Cruz – Best Actor ina BL Series
● Jimmy Belleza – Most Empowered Happiness Guru of the Year

● Francia Cheche Conrado – Most Influential Female Leader of the Year
● Jeany Lacorte – Best Tabloid Managing Editor of the Year
● Abante Tonite – Best Tabloid of the Year
● Cyrill Quilo – Outstanding Writer of the Year
● John Christian Garcia – Most Outstanding Young CEO and Artist of the Year PAC
● Chino Hansel Philyang – Hall of Fame Book Author of the Year
● Patricia Javier – Most Outstanding Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year
● Anthony Paul Gustilo – Most Remarkable Artist of the Year
● Anton CM – Most Outstanding Fashion Photographer of the Year
● Elife Pacit Quijano – Outstanding Educator & Excellent Leader of the Year
● Bishop Rudy Fajardo – Outstanding Bishop-Director of the Year
● Dr. Arthur Amora Cruzada – Most Outstanding Beauty Entrepreneur & Best Talent Manager of
the Year
● Althea Nicole Icot Terrado – Most Outstanding Teen Ramp Model& Promising Child Actress of
the Year
● Dr. Freddie de Juan – Outstanding Council Executive Leader of the Year
● Dr. Giselle Legaspi-Barrion – Most Outstanding HR & OD Consultant of the Year
● Reynald Ryan Barrion – Outstanding People Manager of the Year
● Charmaine Gay Gloriani Cruspe – Most Outstanding Woman & Most Influential Humanitarian
Advocate of the Year
● Jake Cuenca – Best Sexy Drama Actor of the Year
● Lhar Santiago – Most Outstanding Showbiz Reporter & Journalist of the Year
● Master Jay Dagcutan – Outstanding Martial Arts Trainer & Excellent Leader of the Year
● Narciso Jet Lumbang – Outstanding Company Leader of the Year
● Trent Joshua Asuncion – Outstanding Youth Leader of the Year
● Marvin Gabas – Outstanding Horror Film Director of the Year
● Jinky Espanola Perico – Most Outstanding Multifaceted Visual Artist of the Year
● Lester Paul Recirdo – Outstanding Event Performer of the Year
● Cindy Joyce Alcanzo – Outstanding Scrap Trading President of the Year
● Baby Go – Most Outstanding Movie Producer of the Year
● Vence Evans – Promising Showbiz Personality of the Year
● Rajs Gange – Outstanding Talent Manager of the Year
● Francis Soriano – Outstanding Chief Executive Officer of the Year
● Liz Alindogan – Outstanding Actress and Resilient Mother of the Year
● Solomon Jover – Remarkable Shareholder of an Outstanding Company
● PLTCOL Aldrin Odiamar Thompson – Outstanding Police Officer of the Year
● Juliana Parizcova – Outstanding New Comedian of the Year
● Tejay Gonzales – Outstanding Director of Photography of the Year
● Ceana Yashimoto – Most Outstanding Kid Top Model of the Philippines
● Rannie Raymundo – Most Outstanding Balladeer of the Decade
● Mayora Gem Castillo – Outstanding City First Lady of the Year
● Dr. Ernie Viray Estrella- –Most Outstanding School Principal of the Year
● Marvin Viray Enriquez – Most Outstanding School Principal of the Year

● Teejay Marquez – Outstanding Young Actor & Promising Entrepreneur
● Johnson Castro – Outstanding Regional Director of the Year
● Esperanza “Fe” Ramos – Most Outstanding Municipal Councilor of the Year
● Enzo Pineda – Best Supporting Actor of the Year