May 21, 2024

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Robin, fights for the rights of the ‘Small’ working in showbiz

SUFFICIENT and healthy food, proper standby area, and enough time at work. These are some of the rights promoted by Sen. Robinhood “Robin” C. Padilla for the “little ones” working in the film industry.

According to Padilla during the Senate hearing on the proposal “Eddie Garcia Act” of which he is one of the authors, it is important to have a good workflow in the industry he comes from.

“The little ones are important to us because they are the big stars… that’s why we are angry here for the little ones, because the big star has food,” he said to the stakeholders who attended the hearing.

“I hope we can work together. We are not here to argue or disagree. We just want to have a very good workflow in our industry even though our industry is in a bit of trouble right now,” he added.

Padilla pointed out to the producers that there should be a dietitian for people to eat, to make sure they are able to work. “You stay up late and then you’re fed a basket of sitting, it’s a bit difficult,” he said.

Padilla added, there should be enough standby area for senior and child performers. “Usually when it comes to talent, it’s just on the road,” he said.

Padilla also promoted tax holidays for the industry to recover, “because I know you are overtaxed.”

According to Joji Alonso of the Philippine Motion Picture Producers Association, they agree with the 14-hour workday. He said the industry is tough because the producers only earn up to P12 million a week and this is during the Metro Manila Film Festival – far from the P72 million they need to earn just to make up for it.