May 27, 2024

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Solon wants PUP campus in Abra

By Justine Rich Talusan

A LAWMAKER is seeking to establish a Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) campus in Abra.

Abra Rep. Ching Bernos filed House Bill 6973 that is pushing for the putting up of PUP campus in La Paz, Abra.

Bernos said PUP is one of the country’s highly-competent educational institutions, consistently ranking high in board and licensure examinations.

 “They are among the most in-demand graduates for companies, occupying a large percentage of the labor sector in the Philippines,” he said.

According to Bernos, Abra will surely benefit from PUP’s strongest suits in business and management, engineering, science and technology, and government and public service, and will open doors for many practitioners to impart their expertise as instructors to young Abreños.

When asked how it will be different from the province’s only university, the University of Abra, Bernos clarified that the proposed PUP-Abra will not compete with UA and instead, it will complement efforts to train students in business and management fields within a state university setup.

“We would like a PUP in Abra that caters to the needs of the communities and of the students, serving underprivileged families in the province and in the Cordillera Administrative Region through public education,” Bernos said.

The current northernmost branch or satellite campus of PUP is in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija.