Speaker Romualdez continues to build up goodwill with Pinoys–Rep. Mastura 

MAGUINDANAO del Norte Rep. Bai Dimple Mastura says the House of Representatives through the leadership of Speaker Martin G. Romualdez is successfully building more goodwill with the Filipino people. 

This was evident with the results of the latest OCTA survey wherein Romualdez garnered huge increases on trust and satisfaction ratings particularly on year-on-year basis, Mastura said. 

“The trajectory of Speaker Romualdez’s ratings showed that Filipinos are recognizing his results-oriented leadership. This fosters good will between him, the House in general, and the people. And with goodwill comes a better understanding of the Marcos administration’s policies on the part of the public.” Mastura said. 

According to the House Committee on Muslim Affairs vice chairperson, goodwill voluntarily comes out when it is deserved. 

“In this case, the Speaker neither demanded nor was gifted with good will; he worked hard–quietly and consistently–and the people acknowledged him for it. Moving forward, having this dynamic will bodes well for the House. This is the House of the People, after all,” Mastura said. 

The latest OCTA survey was carried out from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4. The results showed that Romualdez had a trust rating of 60 percent and a satisfaction rating of 61 percent. 

Mastura believes that Filipinos not only appreciated the Speaker for his legislative stewardship, but also for actively addressing issues like the runaway prices of fuel, agricultural smuggling that led to costly onions and rice, and inflation.