May 22, 2024

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Speaker Romualdez credits House team effort, hard work in high ratings 

SPEAKER Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez on Monday expressed his gratitude to the Filipino public who gave the House leadership high marks in performance satisfaction and trust ratings, but stressed that credit should be given to the collective strength and dedication of all Members of the House of Representatives.

“These ratings are not just numbers. They mirror the dedication and teamwork of the hardworking members of the House,” Speaker Romualdez, the leader of the 300-plus strong House of Representatives, said. “Every decision made, every bill passed, is a result of our united efforts to serve the Filipino people.”

Romualdez also praised the invaluable role of surveys as tools of governance. “Surveys like OCTA’s are more than just statistics. They are indicative of the people’s sentiments on pressing issues, providing us with insights that are crucial in shaping our legislative priorities.”

Recognizing the importance of the public’s voice, he added, “We view these feedback mechanisms as essential guides. They help us align our legislative work with the needs and aspirations of the Filipinos.”

In recent times, Romualdez led significant initiatives like the raids on warehouses of rice hoarders. 

“Our focus remains on addressing the pressing issues that affect our countrymen and ensuring that we remain transparent, accountable, and responsive to their needs,” he added.

He pledged to use the insights from the survey to further enhance the House’s legislative agenda. 

“Backed by the unwavering support and commitment of our dedicated House members, we’ll continue to prioritize the initiatives that truly echo the desires of our people,” Romualdez said.

He also expressed his respect for all public servants and their respective roles. 

“Every position in government plays a crucial role in our nation’s progress. Let’s jointly strive for the welfare of the Filipino community,” the Speaker concluded.