May 21, 2024

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Tingog Partylist partners with AstraZeneca to expand Lung Cancer screening access

TINGOG Partylist formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AstraZeneca Philipppines, represented by AZ Country President Lotis Ramin. Cancer Coalition Philippines Senior VP Menchie Auste, Her Excellency Ambassador Annika Thunborg, and Health Advisor Prospeity Programme Manager Liz Bautista  of the British Embassy were also present as witnesses. The MOU symbolizes their shared commitment to detect lung cancer early and give patients the fighting chance they deserve against this devastating disease.

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in the Philippines. Many patients are diagnosed at late stages when treatment options are limited. But with early detection and screening, survival rates can improve dramatically.

Through this partnership, Tingog Partylist has pledged to allocate 3 million pesos from their medical assistance fund to cover biopsy tests for 200 patients screened through the Lung Ambition Alliance. Tingog Partylist Representative Yedda Romualdez said, “This MOU represents the power of partnership and collective action. Government, civil society, the healthcare industry, and the international community coming together with one goal – to beat lung cancer.”

The MOU was signed by Tingog Rep. Yedda Romualdez, Tingog Rep. Jude Acidre, AstraZeneca Philippines Country President Lotis Ramin, AstraZeneca Philippines Medical Director Cyril Tolosa, Cancer Coalition Philippines Senior VP Menchie Auste, Swedish Ambassador Annika Thunborg, and British Embassy Health Advisor Liz Bautista.

Under the agreement, Tingog Partylist will work closely with AstraZeneca Philippines and CCPh to provide free biopsy tests to patients as part of the screening process, to detect lung cancer early and improve survival rates.

AstraZeneca’s Country President, Lotis Ramin said in her speech “We know that together we can deliver meaningful improvements, and with like-minded patient-centric partners such as TINGOG and everyone here with us, we look forward not just to improving outcomes but to revolutionizing innovation and holistic patient care for more and more of our countrymen.”

Tingog Partylist Representative Jude Acidre also noted the agreeing principles of AstraZeneca and Tingog in pushing for better public access to life-saving diagnostic tests — “AstraZeneca’s cutting-edge research, commitment to medical excellence, and the global group will complement TINGOG Partylist’s aspiration of bringing government services closer to the people. By working together, we can provide comprehensive support to lung cancer patients, from diagnosis to treatment, and ultimately enhance their chances of a healthier future.”

Rep. Yedda thanked the partners for their leadership and support in the fight against lung cancer. She said, “We have a difficult road ahead, but today we take an important step forward. Let us continue working to ensure Filipinos have the chance to live healthy, cancer-free lives.”