November 29, 2023

Quezon PPO arrests 63 persons, 1,405 recorded for anti-criminality campaign

CAMP Guillermo Nakar, Lucena City – Quezon Police Provincial Office as a result of intensified campaign on the daily anti-criminality operations, 63 individuals were arrested and recorded 1,405 Minimum Public Health Standards Protocols violators. In the crime incident reports, Quezon PPO arrested four personalities in a daily crime monitoring, two in violation of Frustrated Murder (Hacking Incident) And Grave Threats arrested at Brgy Villa Hiwasayan, Guinayangan, Quezon, (1) arrested for Viol of RA10883 (Motornapping) at Brgy 10, Lucena City and , (1) arrested for Serious Physical Injury at at Brgy Mangilag Sur, Candelaria, Quezon.

Quezon PPO’s arrest of Wanted Person tallied a total of 1 arrested personality particularly in for Viol of RA7610 (MWP#2 Mpl Level) at Baccao 1, Economic Zone II, General Trias City, Cavite. In the intensified campaign against Illegal Drugs, one operation was conducted resulted to the arrest of 1 personality at Brgy Malabanban Norte, Candelaria, Quezon. Meanwhile, in the campaign against Illegal Gambling, forty individuals were apprehended in engaged for violation to the following; Tupada, Billiard, Tong-its, (Game Cock, Viol of BP 6 and PD881), Cara y Cruz, and Pusoy. Implementation of Special Laws resulted apprehension of fourteen (14) suspects. Eight in violation for LOITERING (PAGBILAO MPS), 1 for Viol of RA8048 (BURDEOS MPS), four for Viol of PD705 (BURDEOS MPS), and 1 for Viol of RA11332 (POLILIO MPS).

In the conduct of forty (40) operations of Minimum Public Health Standards Protocols, 1,405 MPHS violators were reported for not wearing face mask and improper use of face masks.

Sustaining the anti-criminality operations to maintain peace and order in the entire the Quezon Province is the utmost priority of this Provincial Office.

Hence, Quezon PNP adheres to effective, efficient, and credible police service as promotion for excellence and empowered by virtues.