Dalipe urges Duterte to spare AFP, PNP from partisan intrigues

HOUSE Majority Leader Manuel Jose Dalipe today appealed to former President Rodrigo Duterte to spare the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) from partisan intrigues that could unnecessarily raise questions about the professionalism and neutrality of the uniformed service.

At the same time, Dalipe said that Duterte’s statements on the alleged presidential ambition of House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez are not only baseless but also premature.

He noted that the presidential election is still too far away, and Romualdez is wasting no time ensuring the swift passage of the Marcos administration’s priority measures.

According to Dalipe, Duterte’s statements insinuating that the AFP and PNP are involved in political activities are very unfair to the officers and enlisted personnel who have worked hard to restore the credibility and high level of professionalism of the uniformed service.

Dalipe emphasized that as a former president and a respected statesman, Duterte should prioritize the nation’s well-being over political interests, fostering an environment where the AFP and PNP can fulfill their duties without being entangled in divisive political agendas.

“I respectfully appeal to former President Rodrigo Duterte to recognize the paramount importance of keeping our Armed Forces and National Police free from partisan politics. These institutions serve as the bedrock of our nation’s security, and their effectiveness relies on unity and impartiality,” remarked Dalipe.

“We have already achieved so much in our quest to professionalize our military and police service. Let us not squander what we have accomplished by putting the AFP and the PNP in a bad light because of these baseless statements,” Dalipe added.

He stressed that the days of military adventurism are over, and the AFP and the PNP are focused on carrying out their Constitutional mandate as pillars of our country’s democracy and sovereignty.

“The AFP and the PNP have more important things to do than watching Congress, as claimed by the former President. Our uniformed service must be insulated from partisan activities and should maintain the highest degree of professionalism. Huwag na sana niyang idamay ang AFP at PNP,” Dalipe said.