PCG rescues missing fisherman in Quezon

THE Philippine Coast Guard in Quezon provides the latest update on the initial reported missing person after a fishing venture between vicinity water Patnanungan and Polillo Island on 14 November 2023.

This morning personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Mauban received a report from CGSS Patnanungan informing that the missing fisherman, Mr. Willie Miranda was in the custody of his sister, Mrs. Dumaran at Barangay Cagbalete 1, Mauban, Quezon. 

The current whereabouts of Mr. Miranda were verified by Coast Guard authorities, who promptly communicated with the Cagbalete 1 local government. The owner of the passenger boat, Motorbanca St Anthony, was contacted by CGSS Mauban to help transport Mr. Miranda to Mauban Port. The aforementioned individual was taken to the Municipal Health Office for a medical evaluation in cooperation with Police Municipal Station Mauban, and it was discovered that said person were in good health. 

Subsequent investigation showed that the weather-related damage to the fisherman’s boat caused by large waves resulted in motorbanca engine problems. Mr. Miranda spent hours floating after making a failed attempt to fix his boat. Today, 16 November 2023, around 3 AM, the aforementioned boat arrived at Cagbalete Island and traveled to his relative’s temporary residence.

CG Commodore Geronimo Tuvilla , Commander of Coast Guard District Southern Tagalog `encourages all fishermen to avoid sailing in case of severe weather warnings, storms, or adverse sea conditions and ensure vessel is equipped with essential repair tools and spare parts to address unforeseen issues while at sea.